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FRN is an R&D firm that designs innovations dedicated to financial market professionals.

Take a step ahead with those we offer.

Manage liquidity risk with FRN Prime

FRN Prime is a support program that allows your management company to leverage FRN technology to manage risk.

What is the objective?

By designing a technology capable of detecting breaks and opportunities in the financial markets at an early stage, FRN Engineering has achieved a decisive breakthrough for all financial professionals determined to protect their interests and those of their clients.

In 2021, a major step was taken. FRN technology adapts to the monitoring of all market environments: from macro (country, geographical area, markets) to micro (asset classes, categories, financial products, investments).

By participating in the FRN Prime program, you give your management company the means to benefit from this technology to anticipate, control and manage the liquidity risk.

What are the advantages?

FRN Prime is an opportunity for your management company to:

  • Detecting investor exit risk at an early stage
  • Managing the liquidity of its funds with control
  • Valorize its brand image to make it even more attrractive
  • Building customer loyalty

How does it work?

  1. Request: Complete the form below to send us your request to participate in the FRN Prime programme.
  2. Contact: Within 72 hours of receiving your request, we contact you again to agree a meeting to discuss your business, needs, projects and eligibility for the FRN Prime programme.
  3. Start-up program: If the conditions are met, we jointly define the content and the roadmap of the programme within the framework of a confidentiality agreement.

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