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The financial markets
Paradox, dilemma and consequences

The financial markets, unpredictable, unstable, determined by innumerable pieces of information, are complex in their functioning, uncertain in their perspective but paradoxically simple in their results, bullish or bearish.

This paradox feeds a dilemma. In order to master the financial markets, is it necessary to understand the complexity of their functioning, to foresee their future evolutions or is it possible to achieve this from the simplicity of their results?

This dilemma is not without consequences. While complexity requires the processing of an ever-increasing amount of data to establish ex post, from subjective mathematical models, evolving predictive rules that are conceptually unstable, simplicity, which integrates less data, provides a faster and more stable solution, but requires the ex ante determination of an efficient rule environment.

Our methodology solves the dilemma posed by financial markets

Our methodology responds to the above dilemma as it navigates the financial markets by making use of the simplicity of their outcomes:

  • Data collection without cognitive bias
    No need to filter through subjectivity or extrapolation the market information to try to master its complexity. The data emitted by the target value are recovered as soon as they are emitted.
  • Metabolic analysis of the target value
    The processing of the data emitted by the algorithms makes it possible to instantly characterize the metabolic state of the target value, its performance and risk dynamics, and to evaluate in real time the dynamics of its constants.
  • The determination of its state in real time
    The calculation of the position of the target value with respect to its metabolic constants and its performance and risk dynamics allows to establish its state, positive or negative, in real time, by weak or strong signals.
  • Early detection of a negative or positive break
    Any departure from the target value of its constants triggers an immediate negative alert signal. The return of the target value to its constants triggers a positive alert.
  • The detection of breaks by weak signals
    The aggregation of the results of all the target values allows for early detection of global breaks and possible convergences of categories, zones, asset classes, etc.
  • Monitoring self-assessment
    The effectiveness of the metabolic monitoring of target values is continuously self-assessed to facilitate comparisons between target values, their possible arbitration and to optimize the use of technologies.

Our technological innovations

Design of an original technology, based on proprietary algorithms.

Development of an agile monitoring process, capable of targeting all securities (funds, stocks, currencies, interest rates, commodities, crypto-currencies...).

Issuance of simple qualified information, immediately exploitable, to respond to the complexity of financial markets.

Adaptability of the technology to customers with different profiles and needs.

Scalability of the project, capable of responding to the nature, size and evolution of the markets.