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Aujourd'hui, les acteurs de la finance qui se démarquent sont ceux qui exploitent les innovations apportées par l'Intelligence Artificielle.

Prenez un temps d'avance avec celles que nous proposons.

The right expertise to tackle financial crises

Based on a visionary understanding of the financial markets, FRN Ingénierie is positioned as one of the oldest and most creative French fintechs.

From 2007 and up to the recent 2020 crash (due to the Covid-19 crisis), our expertise has responded to financial crises with remarkable efficiency, enabling our corporate customers to better support their customers and thus, indirectly, helping thousands of savers to enjoy better protection.

Since 2019, FRN Ingénierie has taken another important step forward with:

  • The design of new-generation solutions dedicated to consultants, distribution platforms, management companies and savers.
  • The development of an R&D activity focused on the most advanced technologies.

Today, we are preparing the international roll-out of innovative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in the area of predictive analytics applied to financial markets.

Old roots and a future-forward vision


Launch of an FRN project

Creation of “Unités2Compte”, a forerunning robo-advisor service.


Partnership with LinXea

The life insurance distribution platform rose from 2,000 to 14,000 clients during this time.


Launch of FRN Service and detection of the subprime crisis

FRN Service, a market monitoring and alert service dedicated to corporates, identified the subprime crisis early on, in June 2007, and warned its users.


Roll-out of FRN Service

Won the Agefi Actifs 2008 Special Jury Award.
150 firms have become customers.


Acceleration of the FRN project

Business development and rise of AI.


Growth of the R&D business

Implementation of our predictive market analysis AI and a roll-out of new professional services.


Launch of Astrabaz

Astrabaz is a next generation B2B platform for the financial markets supervisory.

Predictive market analyses with high added value

Our added value is our ability to constantly develop and improve, on a global scale, innovative and effective expertise in the area of predictive market analysis.

Sensitive to strong signals, our AI is also able to detect and isolate weak signals that precede sudden changes in the markets.

Finance that is three times more responsible

Market finance can no longer waive its societal responsibilities.

More responsible finance because it is essential for corporates and individuals to control their market risk with the utmost responsiveness.

More responsible finance because investors must be able to enhance the value of their assets in the long term, while being able to address any unforeseen event at all times.

More responsible finance because changes in the world give them the opportunity and obligation to make a greater and better contribution to the public interest.

A team working closely with its users, a free spirit

The creativity, responsiveness, high standards and attention we dedicate to our customers’ needs enable us to develop solutions tailored to each of them, be they individuals or corporates.

These high standards are based on a free spirit liberated from any conformism and and seeking excellence.

This independence offers a precious guarantee: the ability to innovate through a fresh approach to the markets and finance to exceed “old formulas” and meet current and future requirements.