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FRN is an R&D firm that designs innovations dedicated to financial market professionals.

Take a step ahead with those we offer.

The paradox of the financial markets

The financial markets are complex and volatile, and are continually fed a stream of contradictory information that is open to subjective interpretation.

When making decisions, professionals deal with this complexity by carrying out complex analyses that are time-consuming to devise, encouraging indecisiveness rather than shortening response times.

This approach is all the more paradoxical given that, although the financial markets are operationally complex, the results that they produce are binary, as they either rise or fall.

This paradox is resolved by FRN's technology

Rather than tackling the markets' complexity, FRN has decided to concentrate on their binary aspect.

Our technology monitors the markets by analysing their results. It instantly delivers situational and trend-related information that is easy to read and ready to use. This information is neither distorted nor interpreted.

As it focuses on the binary nature of the markets, FRN's technology detects both weak and strong signals early, regardless of the target or the environment that professionals are operating in, so that they can act efficiently.

The algorithm on which FRN's technology is based

The algorithm on which FRN's technology is based continually collects, processes and analyses the data directly issued by targets, such as their valuations, and models their current capacity to create value with a limited risk. The monitoring of targets under this model allows the algorithm to detect early whether they are a source of risk or opportunity.

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning increases the technology's effectiveness by eliminating biases and false signals.