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Aujourd'hui, les acteurs de la finance qui se démarquent sont ceux qui exploitent les innovations apportées par l'Intelligence Artificielle.

Prenez un temps d'avance avec celles que nous proposons.

Monitoring financial markets and identifying their weaknesses

Our technology collects and instantly processes raw, factual data available on the markets.

The analysis of these data makes it possible to identify weaknesses, issue alerts and help our users to act (or refrain from acting) without psychological bias.

More specifically, our technology:

  • Detects and issues an alert on any weaknesses in a specific investment medium, fund category or market, early on.
  • Detects the gradual or sudden emergence of a drastic decline in the market or of a large-scale financial crisis, from its point of origin.

Our AI adapts its sensitivity to the characteristics of the specific medium, fund or market, and to our users' requirements.

Decision support based on predictive assumptions

The developments of our AI lead to predictive analytics, i.e. the formulation of targeted, key assumptions. Our users can take advantage of these assumptions directly.

For example:

  • Help investors to optimise or protect the value of their savings.
  • Help management companies to optimise their fund management and control changes in their cash position.

Thanks to our technology, our users can act on time, based on the facts and without psychological bias, rather than respond to unforeseen events as they occur, when these biases are most powerful. They are thus able to implement the best possible solution, taking into account our information and their own requirements.

Detection of two types of signals

The power of our technology is based on a very specific sensitivity and scope of detection, which reacts to both weak and strong signals:

  • Weak signals: detecting flaws and vulnerabilities in an apparently stable environment. Our AI isolates these weak signals from background noise in the markets and from mainstream indicators.
  • Strong signals: detecting a systemic shock in an apparently unstable environment.

Technology connected to the world

Our proprietary technology enables us to design solutions that are perfectly compatible with our customers’ processes and systems. It is continuously optimised through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We have no geographic restrictions, as long as the data captured is continuously available.