FRN is an R&D firm that designs innovations dedicated to financial market professionals.

Take a step ahead with those we offer.

Who are we?

FRN Ingénierie is a technology company founded in 2016 and a member of the FRANCE FINTECH association.

Its headquarters are in FRANCE, in the INNOVALLÉE zone, a tech hub in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

With the support of BPI, FRN Ingénierie draws on its R&D to design innovative technologies dedicated to financial market professionals, offering full SaaS services for B2B clients and APIs for B2B2C clients.

An innovative approach to the markets

FRN Ingénierie's activities are centred around its original approach to the financial markets, which it sees as metabolic systems, subject to internal and external destabilising factors, and whose risk dynamics and constants must be assessed, any changes monitored, and break outs or their return to normal detected early.

The ability to roll out a scalable innovation

Through its R&D and the rollout of its technologies in its services or through APIs, FRN Ingénierie is able to develop its innovative project to cover the whole of the financial environment, including listed instruments, funds, selections, ETFs, indices, shares, bonds, currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities, on every market place.

Three-fold expertise

Professional expertise, to manage issues relevant to investment management, as well as advice and distribution.

Technological expertise, to design and develop the most effective innovations possible completely independently.

Product expertise, to devise and market services that meet the needs of both professional clients and their retail clients.