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The financial markets
A paradox, a dilemma and the consequences

The financial markets are unpredictable, unstable and influenced by countless data, making them complex operationally, but paradoxically simple and binary in their upwards or downwards outcomes.

This paradox creates a dilemma. To navigate the financial markets do you need to understand and get to grips with their operational complexity, or can this be achieved based on the simplicity of their outcomes?

This dilemma is not without its consequences. Whereas taking the complex approach requires the processing of an increasingly large amount of data in order to establish, ex post, using mathematical models, evolving predictive rules that are conceptually unstable, the simple approach, which relies on less data, can be used to arrive at an immediate solution, although this requires the determining, ex ante, of an effective rule-based environment.

Our methodological approach

Our methodology responds to the above dilemma as it navigates the financial markets by making use of the simplicity of their outcomes:

  • Information about the value of targets with no cognitive bias
    No need to filter market information through subjectivity or extrapolation to manage its complexity. Quoted values are retrieved as soon as they are transmitted.
  • Metabolic analysis of the target
    Integration of the most recent values, updating of the current performance/risk control dynamic, reducing of interference, weighting and modelling of periods of value creation/destruction, and the real time assessment of the target's constants and their framework.
  • Determining of positions in real time
    Current position of the target's value given the framework of its specific constants and its performance/risk control dynamic, calculated in real time.
  • Early detection and alerts if there are negative or positive break outs
    An immediate signal if the target's value leaves/enters the framework of its specific constants, and issuing of an instant negative/positive alert.
  • Self-assessment of monitoring
    Rating of the effectiveness of target monitoring to make comparisons and continuously improve the process.
  • Identifying of weak or strong signal convergences
    Detecting of any target, selection, category, zone or market convergences through the aggregation of the results of the processing of all the targets' values.

Our technological innovations

Designing of an original technology based on proprietary algorithms.

Developing of an agile monitoring process able to target every kind of security (including funds, shares, currencies, bonds, commodities and cryptocurrencies).

Transmitting of simple, substantiated informationthat can be used immediately, to help mitigate the complexity of the financial markets.

Adaptability of the technology to clients with different characteristics and needs.

Scalability of the project, which is able to accommodate the nature, size and development of the markets.